Cookie Policy

This policy provides comprehensive information on the use of cookies by the web service, including all internal pages and subdomains.

Does the service use cookies?

Cookies are used for the most effective and comfortable use of the Needmylink service (as well as its subdomains and internal pages). By viewing the content of the Service and registering in the system, you agree to this policy and the use of cookies for the purposes of the Service. If you do not agree with this policy, do not access the site or register in the system.

What is a cookie and why is it needed on the Service?

A cookie is a small file stored on a user’s device (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.) that provides maximum use of the Service’s functionality. It helps to identify the device, protect the user’s access to the Service, distribute content within the system, and show relevant advertising to Needmylink’s target users.

In what cases does the Service save cookies in the browser?

When using the Needmylink website (as well as its internal pages and subdomains), any browser receives cookies from the Service.

What types of cookies does the Service use to ensure its functionality?

The Service uses three types of cookies to fully ensure its functionality: persistent, session, and third-party. The persistent type of cookie recognizes users of the Service, allowing them to quickly resume work with the web resource. After closing the tab with the site, this cookie remains in the browser and is read by the system when returning to the Service. The session type of cookie is stored only for the duration of one session on the website or in the Service account. The third-party type of cookie is used for convenient switching of the user between language versions of the Service, as they will be located on different domains.

What third-party cookies does the Service use?

Visitors and users of the Service should be aware that cookie names may change over time. Advertisers and sponsors of the Service may use third-party cookies to recognize your expressed interest.

Managing cookies

Please note that disabling the use of cookies can significantly reduce the functionality of the Service and affect the user’s work (for example, login settings). The prohibition on the use of cookies is possible in the settings of most web browsers. We recommend not disabling these settings.