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Linkbuilding is...


    Link building — is the process of systematically obtaining backlinks to the desired site from other more popular sites in order to raise the authority in the eyes of search engines. Link building and SEO agencies in the U.S. and worldwide consider product and brand mentions on relevant blogs and websites as a high-powered SEO option. Quality link building isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, but when it is done properly, it is an extremely effective tactic.

       Our service focuses on establishing authority for the clients. And it’s not enough to have quality links on highly trafficked sites —  the sites must be relevant to your industry and your business objectives. As we said before, focus on the right metrics, relevance, and the proper anchor text, their link building approach is unparalleled.

       The main task of link building is to constantly increase domain recognition. This is probably why this type of service is in deserved demand among site owners, because it is a basic and necessary strategy to achieve their goals. But, it should be remembered that for a successful SEO site promotion, you need to place only high-quality links that will not harm your resource.

How effective forum backlinks are?

Efficiency rating:
Text 28%
Backlinks 75%
Premium backlinks 95%

Who we are and how we work

        NeedMyLink — is a trusted link building service which provides Reddit, Quora, blogs and forum backlinks. Since modern SEO promotion agencies set too high prices for link building methods, we decided to make life easier for clients from Europe and America — to post high-quality backlinks much cheaper. 

       As we all know, getting backlinks from extra-quality websites that are relevant to your business — is an excellent approach to promote your project. Link buidling best served for organizations who realize the importance of quality of links over quantity. Don’t forget that link buidling — is an essential part of your search engine optimization strategy. Choose your partner wisely!


First we discuss all the details of the project, SEO strategy and options for its implementation.

split payment

You may pay 50% of the order amount immediately, the remaining 50% after receiving a report on the work done and correcting edits.

process monitoring

We provide access to the Google Docs report, where the customer can monitor the whole detailed progress of the project.


We form specification, focus on the right metrics, relevance, the proper anchor text and start working on this manual.


Depending on the urgency of the order, terms and deadlines for the project will be jointly set. We carry out clearly on time.

client support

We are always in touch with the client to regulate aspects and suggestions on the project. Throughout the entire process.

Why they choose us?​




20 backlinks


100 backlinks


300 backlinks

Frequently asked questions

We work with all niches. Ask our manager and we will consult you.
Adult, gambling, betting, affiliate etc. We accept all the projects you ask.

The warranty period is 60 days from the date of  link publication. If during this period the post or backlink is deleted, we will make a new backlink as a replacement for FREE.

Moestly we post forum backlinks. We place URL links and anchors. It is also possible to prescribe a next-link text with the necessary keywords related to your niche.

The duration of the order directly depends on its volume and complexity of the work. On average, 15 links take up to 5  days to complete. We discuss these points during the briefing in order to predict the execution time as accurately as possible.

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