We always use guest posting, link insertion and different outreach methods to get high-quality from authority sites. But every single buyer wants to know if the price he pays is fair enough for the guest post from the site or not.

Finally, there is the tool which can help SEO-community to solve this problem once and for good. This is completely FREE tool.

This tool’s name is Linkdetective.pro and it compares the pricing for the same domain among different sellers, who have this domain in their database. It helps people to understand – what kind of pricing different sellers provide for the same domain, so buyers don’t overpay.

NOTE: The tool DOES NOT sell any guest post. The tool is non-commercial but only informational.

Personally, I use this tool for a while and it already helped me a lot to improve my outreach guest posting process. This tool is really extremely popular in Ukraine and some eastern countries, but isn’t known in US etc.

How does it work?

You enter the single domain or the batch of the domains you want to check into the text box and click “Check”. The tool analyses it’s database and shows you the info about offers from the different sellers for each of the domains. In this way, you can see the price different people set for the guest post on The specific website.

For example: you have some seller who offers you to buy “cheap guest posts” and you decide to check is it true (about cheap ones) and put the domains into the tool. And you can see that some other sellers have much more cheaper pricing for the websites you have been offered to purchase backlinks from.

IMPORTANT: The tool DOES NOT show the website’s owner’s price. It shows the total price of the guest post from the seller (the owner’s fee + seller’s fee).

Where the tool took the websites database?

The tool has 200 000+ websites in its database which were manually added there by the tool owner. The database is really huge so there is a big chance the website you want to check is present there.

How this can help you?

Once you add your domains into the text box and check them, you see the results – how many of them are available in the database. You can see the “Price” column next to each website of yours. It’s just the lowest price from the seller for this specific domain. To see all the prices and compare them – check the “Mail button” on the right column named “Seller”. Once you click on it – you will get the full picture of the offers for the domain with the different sellers’s emails.

But, don’t be too happy when you see really low price. Some prices may be wrong due the inactive information (for example the pricing info has not been edited for 1 year in the tool’s database). But mostly, the pricing is real. So, always check all the offers to understand the whole situation.

Pros for SEO community

  1. The tool has only sites with real traffic and real SEO value. It has the sites SEO agencies and individual usually sell, which means the sites are really good for purchasing.
  2. You will not get fooled by anyone using this tool. If you have the seller who offers you to buy guest post from the cool website for $500 – you can check it on the tool and see that the same domains is available from someone for much less price (like $200-300) so you don’t overpay for this. You will see how much fee different sellers set on their services. THE TOTAL knowledge about guest posting business so far.
  3. If you see the single domain available from many sellers – that means the website is not good enough because it’s simply sells backlinks and anyone can buy them. Such links are not that good for SEO.
  4. If the domain have not much offer (2-5 or less) – it means the site is really good.

And one more nice bonus from the tool is it shows the Domain Authority, Ref. Domains & Backlinks from Ahrefs for free. So if you don’t have Ahrefs subscription – this is the way you can check those metrics for free much faster.