We provide refund policy for our services. We do whatever it takes to be able to succeed your order. In a case we are more than 2 weeks later than the agreed TAT, or we fail to fulfil the order obligations (i.e. cannot find the sites or threads for links placement for more than 2 weeks), our customer is entitled to compensation.

We have 2 different options for regulating such problems:

1) Direct conversation (customer-service provider) where we will discuss all the project details and regulate it. If the customer wants — we may change «default» criterias to acomplish the order. (Highly recommended option)
2) Refund (full/partial) — if we are not able to regulate the problem — you have an opportunity to ask for Refund. Basically you can get a refund for the amount of links that are a subject to refund in your case.


The delivery time for the 20 backlink package starts at 7-10 days, 14-17 days for the 50 backlink package and at 25-30 days for the 100 backlinks package. We are also able to deliver even faster — contact us before ordering to discuss TAT details. Still, the delivery time strongly depends on the order quantity and your planned links posting schedule. Therefore, we are always open to the custom delivery time our clients wish to have — so you can feel free to inform us of your desired TAT along with sharing your links list.

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