Fast Google Indexing
Index your Pages & Backlinks

If the backlink or site page is not indexed – Google will not take it into account. Nowadays, Google Indexing has became a serious problem. And we’re ready to solve it right now!

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Unique Effective Indexing Method

Low-Quality Backlinks


Forums & Blog Links


Guest-posts & PBN


Main Website Pages


Service Advantages

All-in-One Indexing Method

Every link may be indexed: PBNs, main site pages, any backlinks

Instant Efficiency

The first results will be visible after several days

Indexed Permanently

Links will remain indexed forever. They will not drop.

You can Trust

The method will not harm your backlinks or main site - Guaranteed.

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Comparison to Other Methods

OmegaIndexer / Indexinject / SpeedLinks

Popular services, which attract with low pricing. But, the current results they show - are not good enough.

Google Indexing API

Legal Google's method, which actually works. But only for the main site pages - not backlinks. Only 200 URLs per day.

GSA, Xrumer & Tier-2 backlinks

Those tools increase the indexing chance, but don't guratantee that. And it also may harm your site or backlinks.

Pricing & Packeges

10 URL

$0.00 each

100 URL

$0.29 each

200 URL

$0.24 each

400 URL

$0.19 each

1 000 URL

$0.15 each

We provide real guarantees based on the quality of indexed links. If those are low-quality bad links – we can’t guarantee anything, but on average it is 50%+.

If it’s about forum backlinks, quality submitions, and other free type backlinks of good quality – it is about 70-80% and more.

If those are high quality links (guest-posts, pbn, main site pages) – the % indexation will be the maximum possible, up to 100%.

This is confidential information, we don’t share. We only can state that the method is not about: GSA, Xrumer, or any other public tools. Our method is unique and it’s working properly.

We reserve the right to refuse in service providing at our discretion.

We provide an option so you can buy a certain amount of indexations and use them once needed.

Example: you buy a package for 500 indexations, and you can use it partialy. Today – 100 pcs., in a week another 200 pcs. and so on.

Important: The minimum one-time indexing is 50pc. 

The price is fixed and depends on the spendings on the method. We also provide discounts, review copies, free tests and bulk order discounts. If you order 1000+ links – the price may be reduced down to $0,09. As much of the cheap indexing tools are dead, our method keeps working as it should. 

You can place an order through SPP dashboard with Paypal and upload your URLs there.

Or you can manually contact us through BHW, Skype, E-mail so we can proceed with any other payment option.

We will refund the purchase amount in full if there is no visible change after 1 month.